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Gulf Drilling International Ltd. (GDI), signs a Cooperation Agreement with Seadrill to Provide Offshore Drilling Services in Qatar

Gulf Drilling International Ltd, have signed a definitive agreement with Seadrill for the utilization of the offshore drilling rig “West Tucana”.

As a part of the agreement the ‘West Tucana’, a JU 2000E, will be contracted to work in Qatar offshore for a firm period of 440 days with options in place for further extensions.

GDI also announced today that they have signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Seadrill that provides the foundation for future synergies in Qatar’s offshore market between GDI & Seadrill.

GDI Chief Executive Officer Mubarak A. Al-Hajri said, “This partnership with Seadrill will lead to greater strategic and competitive advantage strengthening our position as the leader in Qatar Offshore drilling market. By bringing together additional high-specification jack up fleets, our diverse customer base, and combined experience we plan to continue delivering market leading level of operational and safety performance to our clients.”

Seadrill Chief Executive Officer Anton Dibowitz said, “We are delighted to have signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement and an initial contract for the West Tucana with GDI. We have the scale and high specification fleet required for work now and into the future in such an important growth market as Qatar.”