Social Commitment

GDI believes in delivering value for the State of Qatar by developing people, communities and the economy.

Together with our clients, we also ensure environmental concerns are incorporated into our day to day operations. From this perspective, GDI’s philosophy is engraved in its vision as follows:


GDI has developed a community engagement program as a part of its corporate social responsibility to support Qatar’s social and cultural development. GDI engages with community through a variety of cultural, social and sports events mainly organized at occasions like Qatar’s national day, Qatar’s sports day and Eid celebrations.


As a National Company, GDI is obliged to promote local suppliers/vendors in order to contribute to the growth and development of local economy. We recognize that the development of local supplier leads to the mutual and sustained growth of both the supplier and GDI.


At GDI, we take our environmental stewardship very seriously, and we aim to avoid environmental pollution from any of our facility. GDI continues to be internationally certified in ISO 14001:2015 ‘Environmental Management System’.

Our Environmental Management System (EMS), part of Company’s overall IMS, has various environmental policies and procedures to ensure the appropriate level of controls are executed in line with the key environmental priorities within GDI’s operations. The main sections within the EMS cover:

  • Waste Management
  • Chemical Management
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Noise Management
  • Oil Spill Prevention Planning

All GDI offshore facilities are equipped with ‘oily water separators’ and ‘sewage treatment units’ in order to minimize harmful discharges to the environment. These units are regularly maintained via the GDI automated preventative maintenance system.

GDI has also established an effective spill prevention procedure at all GDI locations, and each facility/ rig has a specific spill contingency plan, which includes spill prevention measure, mitigations and emergency planning. Frequent environmental spill drills are executed along with spill prevention awareness and education sessions. GDI has a zero spill incident record since 2016.


We recognize that the development of nationals is our obligation to the State of Qatar and accordingly embrace opportunities to engage and develop nationals. GDI attracts Qatari nationals of different educational levels, backgrounds and experience, trains and develop them in a nurturing and supportive learning environment and offers them a promising career path.

Engagement of Nationals in Rig Crew Jobs for developing talent in nationals is the key objective of the company.

The goal of GDI is to build a strong Qatari workforce that can support Qatar’s development towards realizing the ‘Qatar National Vision 2030’.