Gulf Drilling International Ltd. (‟GDI‟) has become aware of false websites and email campaigns appearing to be legitimate and authorized to represent GDI, are duping people with false job offers. GDI is being fraudulently represented and information from the GDI’s website has been copied to these unauthorized addresses posing to be legitimate.

Furthermore, it has been reported that some unscrupulous and fraudulent persons are soliciting job applications requiring job seekers and applicants to pay fees in exchange for false information and job offers with GDI. In some cases, it includes exchange of emails and making phone calls, which are false and fraudulent.

We hereby confirm that this is the only legitimate GDI website. Any other websites, employment offers originating from sites posing to be GDI are not genuine and can lead to monetary losses as well in addition to being misleading. Any person or the company responsible for any such solicitation have no connection whatsoever with GDI and are fraudulent.

All persons receiving such offers via emails or calls containing the name and logo of GDI are strongly advised to verify the legitimacy of the party appearing to represent GDI before responding to any such spurious offers. All persons receiving suspicious letters or recruitment offers should immediately seek to verify its legitimacy by contacting recruitment.group@gdi.com.qa.

GDI shall not be responsible or liable for any losses that may occur, as a result of dealing with persons or agencies (direct or indirect) of dubious background who are not authorized to represent GDI. Any misuse or misleading misrepresentation of the GDI name or logo should be reported immediately to recruitment.group@gdi.com.qa

For all purposes of seeking employment with GDI visit the careers page on www.gdi.com.qa or send an email to recruitment.group@gdi.com.qa.