Scam Notice

Scam and Fake Website, Email Addresses and Phone Numbers Alert


It has come to GDI’s attention that a website purportedly for a company described as KILIMOND OIL & GAS are believed to be using and incorporating in their website; GDI’s Intellectual Properties including GDI’s Copyrights as well as names, details, data and/or pictures which are directly and/or indirectly similar or mimics that of GDI’s.

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the website, email address, location address and the telephone/facsimile numbers provided therein and as listed below are NOT in any way related to GDI:-

(i) Websites:

(ii) Email address:

(iii) Telephone/Facsimile Numbers:
(a) +971-545937130 (phone)
(b) +971-500483000 (facsimile)

GDI believes that the abovementioned website, email addresses, location address, and phone/facsimile numbers are tools for scams to perpetrate fraudulent activities and intended to mislead the public into believing that the emails vide the abovementioned email addresses are from GDI and/or authorized by GDI; and/or the websites are developed or authorized by GDI. No such permission and/or license at any time was or has been given or issued by GDI to them.

GDI would like to reiterate that none of the contact information nor these websites are in any way related to GDI, or any companies affiliated with GDI.

Kindly be advised that GDI’s only Official website is and our official contact details are published there. We advise the public to bookmark and only refer to our official website to get correct information about GDI.

We also would advise the public to be cautious as there are various individuals and organizations that are operating fraudulent schemes such as offering false employment opportunities with GDI as an attempt to gain personal information and/or money from potential applicants.
Please note that GDI will never contact any candidate directly or through any agency asking for money as processing fee or for any other reasons. If you receive such false claims or scams, please always ignore them, and never reply to requests for money nor share personal information.

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that GDI shall not be liable for any loss or damage that may be suffered or incurred directly or indirectly arising from/through correspondence with such fraudulent individuals and/or organizations nor shall such communication create any contractual relation, legal obligation or be binding on GDI whatsoever.

Should you come across any such fraudulent incidents or schemes, suspicious websites and/or have any information regarding any solicitation for recruitment or suspicious offer of employment with GDI, you may reach us via email at and additionally, notify the police or other competent authority in your Country.