Driller – Offshore

To supervise and participate in the rig floor activities on an assigned rig to ensure timely, environmentally friendly and safe execution of the established drilling/completion/work-over program.

HSE Responsibility:

  • Conducts all works activities in line with GDI GOAL ZER0 initiative, to stay safe and be environmentally responsible at all times by not taking on any task(s) that are perceived to be unsafe.
  • Comply with the company QHSE Management system.

Report all incidents or near misses to Manager or the QHSE representatives.

Supervisory Role:

Supervise the activities of assigned personnel on the rig floor to ensure that all drilling activities are conducted as per approved plan and the function is performed at the level established by management for the position.


Performs Drilling Activities:

  • Takes the correct action if the well bore shows warning signs of reducing over balance or indicators of a kick.
  • Operate the drilling controls while observing gauges and other aids to apply appropriate weight on bit, rotation and drill pipe pressure to drill ahead. Drills the hole using good oilfield practice to the required depth including calculating the volume of drilling fluid and required pre-kick estimate of materials needed.
  • Monitors the string in terms of quality performance. Ensures that proper maintenance and handling is observed, always on the lookout to detect anomalies such as kicks, pressure losses and abnormal torque.
  • Co-ordinates the use of draw-works to run or pull drill pipe while observing the actions of the Derrick-man and rig floor-man to ensure their safety. Controls the speed of the pipe during tripping by lowering or withdrawing to allow for safe operations on the rig floor and maintain stability in the well.
  • Advises subordinates to observe the string for any anomaly while pulling out the hole i.e. bent pipe, seal damage.
  • Monitors and controls the mud activities to obtain proper mud volume, mud quality and sufficient pressure for continuous drilling. Includes directing routine maintenance of the pump room and auxiliary mud equipment.
  • Maintains primary well control with the use of the correct fluid weights in the well bore that the hydrostatic pressure of the well is maintained above pore pressure.
  • Maintains primary well control with the use of the correct fluid weights in the well bore that the hydrostatic pressure of the well is maintained above pore pressure.
  • Initiates well control drills.
  • Reports any downhole issues and trends swiftly to the tool pusher.
  • Takes the correct action if losses are encountered.
  • Supervises the installation, functioning, pressure testing of the rig BOP and accumulator control system.

Records all findings and time break downs on the daily IADC drilling report.

Organizes Routine Maintenances and Repairs:

  • Organizes routine maintenance and repairs of all drilling equipment and checks their condition and quantity of required tools to ensure that the equipment being used are in optimum condition. Includes, ensuring that drill string is properly handled and maintained, carrying out complete weekly check on the derrick and substructure.

Ensures that the daily visual inspection on the well control equipment, rig floor drilling equipment, circulating system and mud pumps are carried out.

Ensures all Safety Procedures and Practices are Adhered to:

  • Actively leads safety discussions, compliance to safety procedures, safe work practices, risk assessment, good housekeeping, and proper placement of tools to ensure avoidance of hazards with the assistance or advice of the Tool Pusher.
  • Holds a pre-shift safety talk with the drilling crew, asks safety questions and clarification of safety procedures to allow discussion and understanding of the company and client operations plan and regulations.
  • Ensures that the necessary steps are taken to correct hazardous and unsafe practices through Stop Work Authourity. Ensures that protective devices, equipment and materials are in good condition and used when needed for the safety of crew.

Ensure that pre-job safety meetings are carried out before critical tasks and reported in IADC report.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Completion of Secondary (12 years) education
  • Valid I.W.C.F. certificate (Drillers Level for Surface Bop Stack)
  • Applicable short training courses: Fire Fighting and Survival H2S, ALERT, Accident Prevention, BOP, Well

Kick Control and Prevention.

Minimum Experience:

  • 8 years rig experience, at least 3 years as driller

Job-Specific Skills:

  • Ability to work under pressure
  • High technical skills
  • High communication skills
  • Good knowledge of spoken and written English.

Technical knowledge of casing and cementing, enhanced drilling practices, well completion