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On May 2004, Gulf Drilling International Limited (GDI) was established as the first onshore and offshore oil and gas drilling company in Qatar. GDI was formed as a joint venture between Qatar Petroleum (QP), Qatar’s national oil corporation, and Japan Drilling Co., Ltd. (JDC). In July 2007, QP acquired 25% shares of JDC, raising its ownership in GDI to 70%. In February of 2008, all shares of QP were transferred to Gulf International Services, q.s.c. (GIS) which became a public shareholding company in May 2008 and is listed on the Doha Securities Market.

In May 2014, GIS acquired all remaining JDC shares in GDI to make it a 100% Qatari owned company. GDI celebrated its 10th Anniversary during the same month.

GDI has seen rapid growth in the past thirteen (13) years. GDI’s rig fleet has grown to twenty (20) assets and its workforce reached a total of around one thousand six hundred (1600) employees. Its current fleet consists of nine (9) offshore jack-up drilling rigs, eight (8) land rigs, two (2) lift boat and one (1) accommodation jack-up.

GDI’s market share projection ending 2017 to be 100% for onshore rigs and around 82% for offshore rigs respectively.

GDI has invested in infrastructures to support its drilling operations. For example, a central warehouse provides spares and consumables to the rigs, a sizable workshop keeps our repair and maintenance systems up to the OEM and industry standards, and a modern camp facility houses all the onshore crews. GDI also has several cranes and articulated vehicles to assist with rig moves and four (5) water well units that provide services to drill water well for the drilling sites operations.

At the beginning of 2014, our head office has moved to West Bay in order to be closer to our clients.

GDI is a World Class Drilling Company and a market leader in Qatar that focuses on providing safe, efficient & cost effective Drilling, Liftboat and Jack-up Accommodation services.

Our operations are managed and executed by highly qualified...
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Appreciating their efforts, GDI honors a number of its Qatari staff
GDI has honored a number of its Qatari staff working in both Onshore and Offshore operations, in appreciation for their efforts and commitment at work.
Internet Scams Using the GDI Identity
GDI has become aware that certain fake websites and email campaigns appearing to be legitimate and authorized to represent GDI, are duping people with fake job offers. GDI is being fraudulently ...
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