Driller offshore – Amphion JU2000

Operations Offshore
Posted 5 months ago


  • Conducts all works activities in line with GDI GOAL ZER0 initiative, to stay safe and be environmentally responsible at all times by not taking on any task(s) that are perceived to be unsafe.
  • Takes the correct action if the well bore shows warning signs of reducing over balance or indicators of a kick.
  • Operate the drilling controls while observing gauges and other aids to apply appropriate weight on bit, rotation and drill pipe pressure to drill ahead. Drills the hole using good oilfield practice to the required depth including calculating the volume of drilling fluid and required pre-kick estimate of materials needed.
  • Monitors the string in terms of quality performance. Ensures that proper maintenance and handling is observed, always on the lookout to detect anomalies such as kicks, pressure losses and abnormal torque.
  • Organises routine maintenance and repairs of all drilling equipment and checks their condition and quantity of required tools to ensure that the equipment being used are in optimum condition. Includes, ensuring that drill string is properly handled and maintained, carrying out complete weekly check on the derrick and substructure.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Completion of Secondary (12 years) education
  • Valid I.W.C.F. certificate (Drillers Level for Surface Bop Stack)
  • Applicable short training courses: Fire Fighting and Survival H2S, ALERT, Accident Prevention, BOP, Well Kick Control and Prevention.

 Minimum Experience:

  • 8 years rig experience, at least 3 years as driller in Amphion drilling systems, cyber chair JU2000.

Job Features

Job CategoryFull Time
LocationJV Operation Rig
Position LevelSenior

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