Our goal is to be incident free in everything we do, and safety is our fundamental point of focus. We are committed to providing a safe workplace for our human capital and nothing is more important than keeping people safe from harm.

Tools such as GDI ESSENTIALS and Essential Observations Reporting Module ensure that safety in GDI is everybody’s job. GDI have various controls in place to ensure that Safety is of paramount importance.

Our world-class Quality and Safety Management system ensures that we remain fully committed to a system of continual improvement to create a competitive advantage for our customers and stakeholders.

Rigs that don’t lose man-hours due to injury or incur downtime due to equipment damage will perform better which in turn is value added towards the client’s operation.

GDI benchmarks itself internally to strict performance expectations set to challenging levels and reviewed every year. By setting such lofty expectations we have managed to achieve marked improvement in our safety records over the years on the basis of continual improvement.